We are Nerds!!!

Teen TechsTM In the News!

We are Nerds!!!
Newspaper clipping from Alameda Journal featuring Teen TechsTM

Teen TechsTM and the Lost Art of Repair article at Schools.Stopwaste.org
By now, most people are familiar with the 4Rs waste reduction hierarch: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, & Rot. At Wood Middle School in Alameda, teachers, students and parent volunteers are working together to raise the profile of a 5th R- Repair. With funding from the Altamont Education Advisory Board, teacher Nancy Ely was able to purchase sets of tools, equipment, and spare parts to create an after-school engineering and technology program for students interested in learning computer repair, web design, animation, robotics and other skills.

Ground Breaking After-School Program at Wood Middle School article at alameda.patch.com
Wood Middle School is launching a ground-breaking after school program called Teen TechsTM. Teen TechsTM is being offered at Wood Middle School to give students an interest in a career that may turn out to be their passion. Whether it is Electrical Engineering, Computer Sciences, or Multimedia, we hope to inspire them to think about higher learning.

Brush Robots
Brush Robots: Students in our Teen TechsTM after-school program are using recycled materials to create mechanized brush robots that move about using the power of small motors. The challenge is stabilization so analyze, plan and execute then troubleshoot, implement solution, test and then repeat until problem is solved! The brushbots will be featured at this year's Wood Museum of History's Opening Reception on May 1 at the Alameda Free Library, 6-8 pm

Teen TechsTM have recently won THREE grants for 2013-2014 school year, that will enable us to bring many more exciting programs to our kids. A grant from Altamont Landfill will give us the tools we need to refurbish old computers, to gift to students in need, and also findings to make jewelry from computer parts, the start of a student business; grants from the PTSA Council and also the East Bay CUE (Computer Using Educators) will provide the exciting new LEGO robotics programs for our kids. These grants total almost $5,000! More news: we have partnered with Purdue University and the Google Foundation to bring service-learning engineering programs to Wood Middle School.

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Modified on May 4, 2013